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IRCTC Agent Registration Process
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Did you know 5.6+ lakh IRCTC E-tickets are booked per day? Yes, you read that right! IRCTC, or Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, is without a doubt one of the biggest Indian organizations. Railways offer ample opportunities and employment to numerous people. If you are eager to grow your travel business or simply want to generate a side income, becoming an IRCTC agent is an excellent idea. However, for that, you need to apply for the registration process and get the agent ID. To know more about the IRCTC Agent Registration Process, read this article.

What is the IRCTC Agent Registration Process?

Are you wondering what is this IRCTC Agent Registration Process? It is simply the procedure one has to complete in order to obtain a valid login ID for legal E-ticket booking. Authorized IRCTC agents have the right to book tickets for customers. It is vital to understand without proper authorization, you cannot book tickets. If you are caught, the penalty will be levied.

Choosing the right service provider for IRCTC agent registration

If you are eager to be an authorized IRCTC agent, you must choose the right service provider. Indian Railway doesn’t offer agent IDs directly. Instead, the responsibility is given to PSPs or Principle Service Providers. These agencies or service providers can provide agent IDs after strict verification of documents.

However, you need to pick the right agency in order to have a hassle-free IRCTC Agent Registration Process. Here are the tips you can keep in mind while making your decision.

Shortlist a few agencies

Firstly, you need to make a list of a few service providers from whom you can seek assistance in obtaining an IRCTC agent ID. After that, talk to each of the agencies and make your decision. The best solution is to understand what you want and make your decision based on that.

Take a look at the experience

After that, consider the experience of the agency. Keep in mind that the more years of experience an agency has, the more will be the charges. After all, you will be paying for seamless services. However, you need to make that call based on your budget.

Understand the team

In this step, you need to talk to the experts on the team. These are the professionals that will help you out. Ask questions to clear your doubts if you have any. Keep in mind that you need to have trust in these experts in order to complete the process.

Read reviews and testimonials

Before making any decision, browse through the reviews and testimonials. It will give you an indication about the company, how they work, their ethics, etc. Besides, you can always ask them to show reviews if it’s not openly displayed on the website.

Consider the budget

Another thing that needs serious consideration is the budget you have. Fix the budget and look for the services. You can also compare the prices of the different agencies and see which matches your budget.

Ask questions

Lastly, keep in mind that there is no harm in asking questions. Be clear about what you want, and go ahead with your decision!

Are you looking for the best service provider for IRCTC agent ID registration? In that case, choose Vapron. As one of the most reliable service providers, we offer excellent services. Our team of skilled experts is ready to help you at every stage. With us, you don’t have to worry about facing difficulties while obtaining the agent ID.

If you have any queries or doubts, don’t hesitate! We are here to help!

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