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Why go for IRCTC railway agent registration in 2023?

You need to make an application for IRCTC railway agent registration for becoming an authorized IRCTC agent. Let us find out the advantages of becoming an IRCTC agent.
  • It will be feasible to book an unlimited number of IRCTC tickets by the agents.
  • These agents will receive ₹20 or ₹40 as a fee for booking any particular ticket.
  • There is no need to worry about the cancellation of tickets and the ticket agents are going to issue approved tickets without fail.
  • It will be possible for an IRCTC ticket officer to generate as much as ₹80 thousand every month.
  • You can find the names of every single agent on the IRCTC official website.
  • It is possible to book the tickets faster because the capital will be deducted from the IRCTC wallet.
  • The descriptions of the travel agent will be depicted on the ticket to make sure that the company is advertised properly.

How to become an IRCTC ticket agent?

  • First, you need to accept the application forms of the agents on one of the websites endorsed by the IRCTC. It will be possible to gain access to the download option in the registration form.
  • It will be imperative to upload several supporting documents following the completion of the form to get an IRCTC agent login ID.
  • Following this, you need to wait for some days to get a reply.
  • It is possible to obtain an IRCTC agent license for beginning your personal travel company following an effective inspection.
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