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Why Is IRCTC Agent Registration Necessary?

One ought to understand the benefits of IRCTC agent registration prior to registering to become an IRCTC agent. It will be feasible for you to help individuals obtain their long-distance railway tickets with the help of lawful licensing from IRCTC. Let us look at the benefits of IRCTC agent registration here.

1. Unlimited number of tickets

IRCTC will allow the agents to book an infinite number of buses, flights, hotels, and travel packages. It will be essential to purchase the tickets only from those booking companies that have been approved by IRCTC so as to nullify the possibility of the tickets getting canceled.

2. No need for any bank account

No bank account will be needed for IRCTC agent registration. One can deposit the money into the principal agent’s bank account directly.

3. Possible to generate plenty of cash

It will be possible for the ticket agents to issue authorized tickets without any possibility of them getting canceled. An agent will be able to generate as much as Rs 80,000 every month. This is because he will get a commission for every booking and transaction. As a matter of fact, the agent will be able to generate at least 40,000 rupees even in those situations where the labor is sluggish.
Vapron Digital Private Limited can assist you in obtaining an IRCTC agent ID registration. This company will provide you with E-ticket railway registration, online registration, as well as CSC registration facilities. You have the option of choosing between DC and OTP-based login authentication as well.

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